What is coming in 2020 and beyond 来年とその後


In the past 2 years since I came to Chicago, I have seen most of the blues scene in town, although I only scratched the surface as a performer. 



Probably I am at the peak of my performance as a blues player. That is the best benefit of living in Chicago because I was able to soak myself in playing the blues in the city. 



The next phase in my musical journey consists of a few projects: 



1. Record a traditional Chicago Blues album with all instruments played by myself - guitar, harp, bass, and drums.

2. Write songs. I have reached the point to start writing my own materials. I already have one or two of my original compositions.

3. Do my annual Japan tour in the spring next year. I will bring my left handed guitar this time in my humble tribute to the late greatest Mr. Otis Rush.



These events will keep me busy next year and beyond. In parallel, I will continue playing around the city with the legendary J.W. Williams & The Chi-Town Hustlers. It is a great opportunity for me to perform regularly at Chicago’s premier blues clubs with them. 


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