California reopening カリフォルニア州の再オープン


As the COVID vaccination rates go up, the infection rates are going down significantly in California. The state is aiming to fully reopen on June 15. I do hope it will happen as planned. 



I have started booking gigs…


Fully vaccinated at last 遂にワクチンを接種した

Today I was fully vaccinated for COVID-19 at last. The past year has been difficult for everybody. I keep my hope that the day to go back to our normalcy will come soon. 



During the lock down, it became…


Fork in the road of life  人生の分岐点 

I left my day job in a corporate environment 7 years ago. I have been playing music full time since. Although it was financially a risky move, it turned out to be one of the happiest decisions I made in…


2021 and beyond, 2021年とそれ以降


Earlier this year, I made a decision to move back from Chicago to the Bay Area in California. After nearly 3 years of my residency in Chicago, I reached the point that I accomplished most of what I could achieve…


Magic Sam’s influence マジック・サムについて


Another major influence in my younger days was Magic Sam. His masterpiece albums 

 “West Side Soul” and “Black Magic”, recorded in the 1960s are still among the top of my favorites. 

僕が若い頃に影響を受けたもう一人は、マジック・サムだ。彼の2大傑作アルバム、“ウェストサイド・ソウル” と “ブラック・マジック” は今も最も好きなアルバムの中に入る。 


His distinguished guitar tone in…


Left handed guitar (3 of 3) 弦逆張りギター奏法について(その3)

( Continued) (前回からの続き) 

When I moved to Chicago in 2017, I attended all the blues jams happening in town for my networking with the local musicians. 



After continuing blues jam attendance for 3 months, I shifted my exposure to…


Left handed guitar (2 of 3) 弦逆張りギター奏法について(その2)

(Continued) (前回からの続き) 

In fact, in my humble opinion, playing chords on a lefty is more difficult than playing solos because I need to decode each chord and figure out the fingering in reverse orders. 



While I was living in…


Left handed guitar (1 of 3) 弦逆張りギター奏法について(その1)


While I am right handed, my obsession to play a left handed guitar in the Otis Rush / Albert King style goes back a few decades. 



I grew up in Japan admiring Otis Rush music most, along with the…


Back in California (3 of 3)  カリフォルニア州に戻って(その3)


The other day I had an opportunity to take a COVID-19 test as a part of preventive measures for my regular check-ups. Fortunately the results came in negative. 



This pandemic has damaged the livelihood of many musicians, in particular,…


Back in California (2 of 3)  カリフォルニア州に戻って(その2)


A few months ago when I returned to California from Chicago, coincidentally it was shortly after the pandemic started engulfing the country. My time in Chicago was simply up after living there for almost 3 years. 



While I was…


Back in California カリフォルニア州に戻る


Last week I drove 2400 miles from Chicago and moved back to SF Bay Area, California. I made it home safely before the nationwide protests erupted in chaos. 

先週、3年近く住み慣れたシカゴから2400マイル (約3800km) を運転して、カリフォルニア州はサンフランシスコ・ベイエリアに戻った。全米の多くの都市部でプロテストの混乱が起こる前に、無事に家に着いて良かった。 


I drove Hwy 55 to St Louis, Hwy 44…


Leaving Chicago (2 of 2) シカゴを去る(その2)

(continued )(前回からの続き)   

Chicago is undoubtedly the capital city of the blues boasting of so many great musicians incomparable to anywhere else. However, the unique traditional Chicago Blues sound that got me into the blues in my younger days still exists…