Postponing my Japan Tour 春の日本ツアーを延期


I have made a difficult decision to postpone my Japan tour in April until further notice. The new virus is spreading rapidly in the US. The regulations to enter Japan have also been tightened.

残念ながら4月の日本ツアーは延期いたします。 新型ウィルスが現在アメリカでも猛威を奮い、日本への入国規制も強化されました。


Last Fall, my tour fell in the same time frame as the monstrous typhoon was arriving in Japan. But luckily my tour was not on the same course as the typhoon, and therefore, I was able to complete my schedule without a hitch. 



This is the first time to postpone my Japan tour since I started going there annually in 2013. 



While I feel sorry for those who have been affected by the disease, it was very stressful for me to withdraw my commitment this time. Come to think of it, I have crossed many risky bridges over the past few decades in one way or another. 



The current uncertainty is on an unprecedented scale. I am trying to be vigilant enough not to be infected by the new virus. On the other hand, I cannot continue living in fear every day forever. 

今回の不確定性は、これまで経験の無いスケールで全く先が見えない。自分が感染をしないようもちろん充分な用心はする。が、一方、永遠に恐怖に慄いて(おののいて) 毎日を過ごすわけにも行かない。 


Hopefully the day will come soon when we can put this chaos behind us. 



Please stay safe everyone. 


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