My soul searching 自分のソウルを求めて


One of the most frequently asked questions is how I got into playing the blues. 



It has been decades since I was bitten by the blues bug in the late 1970s. I grew up in Osaka and Kyoto where the blues boom was epicentered at that time in Japan. The wave faded in the 80’s, but the bug is still alive and well. 



To me, blues has been the music that makes me feel good. It takes good blues to cure the blues, though. 



Blues music ultimately brought me to Chicago, the home of Chicago Blues. What I want to do here is to play the blues at the highest level within my power. 



It is to satisfy my soul regardless of how big or small the audience. Besides, you never know who is watching me that might lead to future opportunities. 



Will I ever become well known as a front man in public? Probably not. Not at least within the time frame that I can enjoy living in Chicago. But as they say, the impossible is often untried.


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