My next Japan tour in 2020 2020年春の日本ツアー


It has been 6 years since I started touring Japan annually. It is always my pleasure to bring my orthodox style of blues guitar to the blues fans in my home country. 



The music I dig most is so called Westside Chicago Blues developed in the 1960s by those guitar greats like Otis Rush, Magic Sam, and Buddy Guy. 



Lately I have been playing my lefty guitar upside down along with one Otis Rush album per day. It is about 1 hour of intense practice with no interruptions every single day. 

近頃、僕は左利きギターを逆さにして (つまり弦逆張りで) 、毎日オーティス・ラッシュのCDを1枚通して、それに合わせて弾いている。何にも邪魔されない約1時間の集中した練習だ。 


The benefit of playing the guitar with strings upside down is to be able to bend higher notes deeper by pulling down the strings instead of pushing them up which is most common. 



I am beginning to better understand that the keys to generate deep bluesy feeling in this method are: 

1. take time to play each note assertively 

2. maximize deep bendings & vibratos. 

3. aggressive closure 



1. 一音一音をゆっくりと強く明確に弾く。 

2. ベンディングとビブラートを最大限に使う。 

3. 激しく畳み掛ける。 


This tour will be my humble tribute to the late greatest Mr. Otis Rush who passed away last year. His music got me into the blues in my younger days and still continues to inspire me to this day. 



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