Blues with no frills 飾りの無いブルース


I started playing the guitar and blues harp in my teenage years without any formal music training. Somehow I had skills to learn how to play instruments by ear. 



There is something about the blues music that inspires me but cannot be described in music scores. It is the emotion that comes out of the inner players. Without that, blues can be repetitive and monotonous. 

ブルースという音楽は、楽譜には表すことのできない、心を動かす何かがある。それは演奏者 (あるいは歌い手) の内なる感情が外に出て来るからだ。それが無いと、ブルースは同じパターンの繰り返しで単調になりかねない。 


Over the past few decades, there have been only a few moments I recall vividly of my own performance; which includes once in Kyoto in an established night club, another one in Minneapolis at a dive bar, and the other one was outdoor in Austin TX where I played my slide guitar. 



In those few minutes, I felt so naturally high that I was enjoying the sounds coming out of the band myself as if I was in the audience. Connecting with the crowd was also crucial. 



Raw and gritty blues touches my soul. I would much prefer playing my guitar straight through an amp with no effectors. 



I just want to play the blues with passion and no frills. 


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