After my Japan tour (3 of 3) 日本ツアーを終えて(その3)

(continued) (前回からの続き) 

In my recent Japan tour, I performed at 6 venues in one week. One of the venue owners mentioned to me that it was good to see the main player of the tour (me) arrived safely in Japan despite the typhoon. 



Over the past few decades, I have solidified my guitar style, one that is not commonly seen nowadays even in Chicago – that is the traditional Westside Chicago Blues that was originally developed by the guitar greats such as Otis Rush, Magic Sam, and Buddy Guy in the 1960s. 



When I play in a trio setting, as I did throughout the tour this time, what I have in my mind as a sound image is the gut wrenching performance by Magic Sam Trio recorded at the Ann Arbor Blues Festival in 1969. A band does not need to be loud in order to be intense. 

今回のツアーのように、ギター、ベース、ドラムのトリオ編成で演奏するとき、自分の心の中でイメージするものは、1969年に録音されたマジック・サム・トリオのアン アーバー・ライブでのあの命を削るような強烈な演奏だ。演奏の強度を高めるのに、バンドは大音量である必要は無い。 


Will I ever be in the main stream of the current blues scene in Chicago by stubbornly maintaining such an old school style? I doubt it. However, all I want to do is to play intensely the traditional blues to my heart’s content. 



I have started planning my next Japan tour in 2020 Spring. 


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