After my Japan tour (1 of 3) 日本ツアーを終えて(その1)


Earlier in the week, I finished my annual Japan tour for a week and came back to Chicago. The tour coincided with a major typhoon crossing Japan while I was there this time. I feel sorry for those who were affected by the monster typhoon in the eastern/northern parts of Japan. 



However, a close examination of the course of the typhoon beforehand revealed that my tour schedule would be off the course that the typhoon was taking. Therefore, I was relatively at ease before I left Chicago for Osaka, Japan. 



On the top of this natural hazard, I had to frantically deal with the no-show of my special guest whom I invited to go to Japan with me from Chicago this time. 



As I manage my tour remotely from the US, it takes a careful planning and dedicated preparation way ahead of time. This includes close communications with all the venues and the supporting musicians. In addition, the logistics, such as transportations and accommodations, cannot allow anything to fall through cracks. 



Plus for the fans who made reservations to come see my shows, I could only imagine how disappointed they were when they found out that the program was changed suddenly in the last minutes. 



(To be continued)  (続く)

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