Left handed guitar (2 of 3) 弦逆張りギター奏法について(その2)

(Continued) (前回からの続き) 

In fact, in my humble opinion, playing chords on a lefty is more difficult than playing solos because I need to decode each chord and figure out the fingering in reverse orders. 



While I was living in Chicago from 2017 to 2020, I stayed in an apartment by myself and played nothing but blues. It took me this environment to concentrate on practicing the left hand method with no distraction. This continued day in and day out for months. 



First thing I had to master was to play major key and minor key blues chords in the standard 12 bar format. Then, I moved onto somewhat trickier tunes. 



By the time I got to learn Otis Rush’s popular tune called Homework, which has some uncommon chord progression for blues, I was feeling relatively comfortable with this style of play. 



Not to mention, at this point I converted the left-handed Stratocaster that I purchased 25 years ago (as mentioned earlier) back to its original left-hand configuration. 



(To be continued )(次回に続く)

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