Left handed guitar (1 of 3) 弦逆張りギター奏法について(その1)


While I am right handed, my obsession to play a left handed guitar in the Otis Rush / Albert King style goes back a few decades. 



I grew up in Japan admiring Otis Rush music most, along with the Westside Chicago Blues guitar greats Magic Sam and early Buddy Guy. 



The late great Otis Ruch was left handed but played a right handed guitar flipped upside down. This makes the strings in the reverse order. He pulls strings down instead of pushing them up to bend notes deeply. Combined with his powerful vibratos, it generates a unique bluesy sound. 



In the mid 90’s, I once purchased a left handed Stratocaster but I gave up on playing it because it was extremely difficult to play it upside down. I ended up converting the guitar to right-handed by changing the nut. 

僕は1990年代半ばに一度、左利き用ストラトキャスターを購入したことがある。が、この奏法はやたら難しく、その時はあきらめてしまった。結局はギターのナット (ヘッドの手前にある、弦を溝に納める部品) を取り替えて、右利き用ギターに転換しただけに終わった。 


A couple of years ago, in my second attempt, I purchased a left handed Flying V. This time I made more progress, probably because I had studied diligently some of Albert King’s phrasing when I purchased a right handed Flying V some years ago. 

ところが2年前にまた懲りずに、左利き用のフライングVを購入した。今回は、以前に右利きフライングV でアルバート・キングのフレーズをかなり研究していたこともあってか、弦逆張り奏法に前回より進歩があった。 

(To be continued )(続く)