Leaving Chicago (1 of 2) シカゴを去る(その1)


My residency in Chicago is coming to an end soon. I had a good run playing about 200 gigs around the city over the last few years. However, with the city lockdown continuing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain living in Chicago. Now I have to balance reality and pursuing my dream of playing the blues. 



What I gained most in Chicago is the confidence as a blues musician after surviving the blues scene in the city. Because if I can play the blues in Chicago, I can play them anywhere in the world. 



I aimed my very best every time I performed in public. In this competitive market, I knew it was the only way I could stay in the game. 



Besides, meeting the players that I knew only by their albums before was priceless. I had the pleasure of sitting in with many of them. It was a stimulating and inspiring experience. 



Shortly after I moved to Chicago, I was lucky to be hired by Mr. JW Williams, the former bassist for the great Buddy Guy and Junior Wells. With JW’s Band I had the opportunities to play regularly the premier nightclubs in the city such as Blue Chicago, B.L.U.E.S., and Kingston Mines. In parallel, I had my own band activities as well. 

シカゴに移って間もなく、元バディ・ガイとジュニア・ウェルズのベーシスト、JWウィリアムス氏のバンドにギタリストとして雇われるという幸運に恵まれた。そのバンドで市街の有名ブルースクラブに レギュラー出演出来たことは大きい。それと平行して自分自身のバンド活動も行った。 


My ultimate goal was to build my presence as a front man in this city, which had never been done by any Japan-born blues guitarist & singer before. To pursue that possibility further, I realized that I would have to invest my time much longer than a few years to make more right connections. 

ここからさらに飛躍して自分がフロントマンとして売れる (それはシカゴブルース界では、日本から来たブルース・ギタリスト兼シンガーでは未踏だが) 可能性を高めるには、これからさらにもっと長い時間をかけて地盤を築いて行く必要がある。 

To be continued (続く)

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