After my first Japan tour in 4 years 4年ぶりの日本ツアーを終えて

My first Japan tour in 4 years was a success last month, despite that the pandemic shook the whole world for a few years. I was reunited with old friends and also made many new friends and fans.



One of the notable changes was the rise of female musicians in Japan. Out of my 10 guest/support musicians, 3 of them were females this time. This trend will surely continue. Obviously there is no such thing as gender boundary in music. For my next tour, I have booked four female players to perform.



Also noteworthy was my performance of lefty guitar upside down for the first time in Japan. The reverse string play provides me with deep bending of high notes by pulling down the strings. It was well received by the audience. To learn how to play the guitar in this very unique way, all it took me was my commitment and conviction.



The only difficulty I had was to carry both right and left handed guitars while I was traveling. They were bulky and heavy. However, after I came back home, I have found that dual guitar bags specifically designed for travel were available in the market. Where there is a will, there is a way.



I am looking forward to going back to Japan again next Spring.


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