2021 and beyond, 2021年とそれ以降


Earlier this year, I made a decision to move back from Chicago to the Bay Area in California. After nearly 3 years of my residency in Chicago, I reached the point that I accomplished most of what I could achieve in that period. 



Perhaps I might have been able to continue working as a side man in Chicago, but it was about time for me to focus on leading my own band. 



Under the current pandemic situation, there would not be much opportunity to perform in public for the remainder of the year. At some point in next year, I hope that COVID-19 will be under control in society. My new recording and Japan tour will be due at that time. 



As an independent blues musician, I can be selective in what gigs I want to do. Namely, playing the music I want to play in the way and where I want to play. If that is not an ultimate goal in my music career, I do not know what is. 


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