The late greatest Mr. Otis Rush

Yesterday, the Chicago Blues community was saddened by the news of Mr. Otis Rush’s passing. 



Among the Westside Chicago Blues guitar sound developed in the 1950s -1960s by those guitar greats, his guitar had the most influence on me when I started digging the blues. His deep bending and vibratos, combined with his soulful vocals, never failed to send a chill down my spine. 



In retrospect, my first encounter to Chicago’s “squeeze guitar” blues in my high school days were two of his albums - Cold Day In Hell and Live in Japan. In particular, the song called Three Times A Fool of his was the very first song that I learned what the shuffle groove was. 

振り返ると、僕が高校時代にシカゴの“スクィーズ・ギター”系のブルースに出くわしたのは、ラッシュ氏のアルバム2枚、Cold Day In Hell と Live In Japan だった。その中にあったThree Times A Fool と言う曲で、僕は初めてシャッフルのグルーヴを学んだ。 


It is not an exaggeration to say that Chicago had been my ultimate destination because of the legacy of music like his. 



Last night, I humbly had the honor to pay my own tribute to Mr. Rush by playing the song that defined my music direction in my younger days - that is Three Times A Fool, during my gig with J.W. Williams and the Chi-Town Hustlers at Blue Chicago. 

昨夜、ささやかながら僕はブルーシカゴでのライブ中に、追悼の意を込めてラッシュ氏のThree Times A Fool を演奏させて頂いた。僕が音楽を始めた頃に自分の方向を決定づけた曲だ。 


His legacy will live on. 


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