Solo performance in Chicago ソロ・パフォーマンス


This week I made a debut as a solo performer in the Chicago area. Over the past 5 years before I came to Chicago, most of my activities had been trio settings with bass and drums. 



Playing solo requires keeping the time on the guitar, filling the space, while singing all at the same time. Without a rhythm section, I am exposed naked to the audience because any misnotes or off beat can be heard. 



The sound image of my solo performance may be reminiscent to some people of the music in Magic Sam’s solo album “Give Me Time”. Plus, I use a resonator to play slide guitar in open G or open D tuning. It is a mix of traditional Chicago Blues and early R&B as I usually perform with my own band. 

音の感じはマジック・サムのソロアルバム “ギブミー タイム” に近いものがあるかも知れない。加えてドブロギターで、オープン G か オープン D チューニングのスライドギターも弾く。伝統的なシカゴブルースと初期のR&B曲を混ぜ、普段自分のバンドで演る音楽と変わらない。 


Shortly I plan to add a hands-free harmonica to my solo performance. It is the beginning of diversifying my marketability. 


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