One year anniversary in Chicago  シカゴに来て一年

It is approaching a year since I came to Chicago. I have come this far thanks to the help of many people. I am now at where I never thought I would be a year ago. I definitely made a right move by coming to this city. 



A few months ago after making continuous efforts to be seen in public for 6 months, I luckily landed a position with the legendary bassist & singer Mr. J.W. Williams. I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I am honored and grateful for the opportunity. In parallel, my own band activity is going forward as well. 

最初の半年ほど、あちこちでネットワーキングを続けた後、数ヶ月前にベーシスト兼シンガーとして伝説的なJW ウィリアムス氏のバンドに入ることが出来た。ちょうどタイミング良く自分がそこに居合わせたのだ。このチャンスを得たことは光栄であり感謝している。それと平行して、自己名義でも活動をしている。 


The musicians who kindly let me share their stage include Who’s Who in the current blues scene in Chicago. I greatly appreciate their open-mindedness and friendship. Now, to make the best use of my spare time, if any, I am getting back to networking more. Being introverted by nature, it is the toughest part for me to do. But music is a great vehicle to be outspoken. 



However, there is a clear line between having fun versus seeking work. Critical eyes are always out there somewhere. Make no mistake taking temptations as opportunities as they say. I will not take my time in this town for granted. I am enjoying every minute of it to the fullest as I aim higher. Break the ice or be broke. 



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