Move to the city of Chicago シカゴ市内に引っ越し

I have recently moved to the city of Chicago from the suburbs to be closer to the action of its blues scene. It is important for me to stay within a short drive distance to the forefront of its music activities. 



This town has incredible quality and quantity of talented blues musicians, and yet, the number of venues where they can perform is very limited. 



Before I moved here from the West Coast, I had visited this city several times. The old school blues sound that I dig most is a rare find even in Chicago nowadays. As a resident in this town since last year, I confirmed what I knew before. 



I am now located about 10min drive to Halsted and 20min to downtown of Chicago. This is my determined attempt to be seen more in public to make things happen. 

今回の引越しで、(キングストン・マインズやB.L.U.E.S.のある) Halsted 通りに10分、シカゴの街中まで20分で行けるようになった。露出も兼ねて、ブルース・クラブにより足しげく通おうというモクロミだ。


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