Leading my band 自分のバンドを率いるということ


Three months have passed since the reopening of California State in June this year. I am now actively performing at a rate of 100 shows a year with my band plus including some of my solo shows “unplugged”. 



As an independent musician I do all the booking by myself. Therefore, I can choose only the gigs that I want to do. In between playing music, I play golf to maintain good health. This is the life style I dreamed of many years ago. 



Leading my own band is like owning a small business. I spend more time on maintaining and promoting the band while staying on top of my game as a musician. Herding strong individuals takes good interpersonal skills and patience. 



Probably these are the reasons why many musicians would rather focus on only playing music as a supporting musician rather than a band leader. 



Owing small business is often compared to a "dog-sled". Unless you are the lead dog, the view never changes. With the resurgence of the COVID variant, uncertainty still lies ahead. I might as well enjoy the changing views while I have the opportunities to do so. 

小規模のビジネスを仕切ることは、”犬ゾリ” にたとえられることがある。つまり、先頭の犬でなければ景色の変化が見えないのだ。コロナ・ウィルスの変異種が再びはびこる昨今、先の見通しはまだまだ不確かだ。が、移り変わる景色は楽しめる間に楽しんでおこう。

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