J.W. Williams & The Chi-Town Hustlers

I have recently had the pleasure of playing guitar with the great J.W. Williams and The Chi-Town Hustlers. JW’s powerful vocals while playing his groovy bass guitar make my jaw drop in awe. There is so much to learn from his showmanship as well. 

僕は先日来、シカゴで有名なJ.W.ウィリアムス & チャイタウン・ハスラーズと演奏している。JW氏のノリの良いベースギターを弾きながらの、パワフルなボーカルは圧巻だ。氏のショーマンシップからも学ぶところが多い。 


For those who are in Japan and if you are not familiar with his music, he has been playing the blues for over 5 decades in Chicago. Notably he used to be the bass player for Buddy Guy (“Stone Crazy”, “Live At Checkerboard Lounge” albums). 

J.W.ウィリアムスはシカゴで50年以上ブルースを演っている大ベテランで、かつてはバディ・ガイのバンドに居たこともある(バディ・ガイのアルバム “ストーン・クレイジー”、“ライブ・アット・チェッカーボード・ラウンジ” のベース)。 


He has been leading the Chi-Town Hustlers since 1970’s where Lurrie Bell, Carl Weathersby, Carlos Johnson, Melvin Taylor were the guitar players. Shun Kikuta of Japan used to be its member for many years as well. 



Mr. Williams and the soulful Ms. Laretha Weathersby will be headlining the Japan Blues Festival in Aomori this summer. Check them out if you are in the area. 



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