In retrospect of the past decade (2 of 2) この10年を振り返って(後編)

(Continued) (前編からの続き)


The core members of my band were myself, a bass and drums. I enjoyed the trio setting because there was plenty of space to fill in by improvisation.



Through several evolutions in my band members, I have recently reached my goal to integrate my band sound. But there still is room to further bring it to a higher level. Pursuit of perfection never ends.



For now, this concludes the decade of my performance, including 3 years of my residency in Chicago, which was my dream come true. 2 years of drought due to the global pandemic inevitably changed the landscape in the music business.



Playing the blues to me has never been only the means to make a living. I may be one of the very fortunate to be able to continue what I love to do without worrying about the food to eat tomorrow. It is not because I am rich, but because I am rich in mind that I can extract happiness out of the frugal life that I am living.



My next phase is to shift my effort more to the Japan market, and also to work on my new recording which has been long overdue.

My soul searching continues.


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