In retrospect of the past decade (1 of 2) この10年を振り返って(前編)

This Sunday my weekly show at The Note Lounge in Milpitas, California is coming to an end. I had a great run for 2 years at this venue since the COVID restrictions were lifted in 2021.

この日曜日で2年間続いた毎週のブルースライブ・ショーが終幕となる。2021年にCOVID の制限が解かれて以来、北カリフォルニアのThe Note Loungeで演奏することをエンジョイ出来た。


This venue is the last hold-out of blues clubs in the South Bay. It is sad to see it facing a crisis of closure. Combining my previous 3 year tenure with this venue, I delivered nearly 300 weekly shows there in more than 5 years in total.



Having regular shows weekly as the house band saved me time and effort to book gigs at other places. However making my performance different every week took serious dedication.



I now have more than 150 songs in my repertoire. The lyrics of those songs would make one book if all combined. I learned each word and phrase by heart.



It was my desire to integrate all I have gained in me over the past several decades of digging deep into blues music.



To be continued (続く)

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