In Chicago (9)



I have recently made my move to Chicago to continue playing the blues. I had to do it to check off my remaining to do list in life. I received curious questions of "why now?" from many people, but to me it was more like "now or never". It was a natural progression of what I do. 



I have reached the point to integrate what I have accumulated in me over the last 30 years since I moved to this country. Even with my best shot, however, I may be bounced back by this big city. 



I also had some sense of urgency to experience first hand the old school down home Chicago Blues, which is clearly diminishing from its heyday in the 50s-60s. 



As the blues is about daily life, there is something about the place where you live, the air you breathe and the water you drink daily, that adds feel to the music. 


今は新しい土地に馴染んでいくプロセスをエンジョイしている。これまで人生でいろいろと危ない橋を渡って来たが、これは中でも大きな賭けのひとつだ。 どうなることやら。

Currently I am enjoying the process of acclimating myself to this town. This is probably one of the biggest gambles I have taken in my life. In the mean time, I will keep going at it.


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