In Chicago (26)

I used to be hard headed in playing the blues and dig only 3 chord 12 bar blues day in and day out for some years. My first encounter to Chicago Blues shuffle was Otis Rush’s “Three Times A Fool” when I was 17 years old. 

以前はブルースという音楽には頑(かたく)なで、3コード12小節のブルースばかり毎日聴いていたことが何年かある。シカゴブルースのシャッフルを初めてそれと意識して聴いたのが、高校2年の頃でオーティス・ラッシュの “スリータイムズ・ア・フール”という曲だった。 


Then the song called “The Aces Shuffle” in which Eddie Taylor’s rhythm guitar and Fred Below’s drums groove hard, locked me into the traditional Chicago Blues. I would be totally content being shuffled out all night long. 

それから、ジ・エイシズの“エイシズ・シャッフル” で聴いたエディー・テイラーのリズムギターとフレッド・ビロウのドラムの強烈なノリで、伝統的なシカゴブルースに深くハマった。ひと晩中でもシャッフルのグルーヴで満足したものだ。 


But nowadays, the old school Chicago Blues style from its heyday in the 1950s-60s is a rare find even in Chicago. To my knowledge, only a limited number of players carry a torch to play the good old school down home blues. Many bands play the blues in more contemporary styles. 



Ironically after I came to Chicago, I became more open minded to the variety of blues played in town. The sound of blues has changed over the years, and so did the taste of the audience. 



However the changes are, I still get inspired when I find the music that is deeply rooted in the gut wrenching soulful blues with gritty sound. In my humble opinion, excessive loudness is not needed to be intense. 



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