In Chicago (10)

In my younger days, I developed my guitar style by digging Otis Rush, Magic Sam, and early Buddy Guy, collectively known as Westside Chicago Blues Guitars from the 1960's. Everytime I hear the deep bending and vibrato of Mr. Rush, it still sends a chill down my spine in awe. 


As for backing guitar for harmonica blues, I learned how to play by listening to Robert Lockwood Jr. and Eddie Taylor. It takes intricate sensitivity on guitar not to step on harmonica players. 


As is often said, these "less is more" styles are becoming rare nowadays, while flashy guitars boosted by high volume gain more popularity in the modern blues music. 


By no means, "copying" the great heritage from its heyday in 1950’s to 60's is just to play the same phrases as originally recorded. It is more like how much of the emotional intensity of these great innovators can be digested and come out as my own sound. Listening is not always passive. 


The combination of the above mentioned "squeeze" guitar and down home backing guitar is what I have in me. Over the years I also added some early R&B flavor on the top. As I hit many blues jams in this town, hopefully there may be a niche market for me to explore.

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