Fully vaccinated at last 遂にワクチンを接種した

Today I was fully vaccinated for COVID-19 at last. The past year has been difficult for everybody. I keep my hope that the day to go back to our normalcy will come soon. 



During the lock down, it became common for musicians to provide live streaming for their performance on line. However, I tried to resist the temptations to do so. 



Because, in my opinion, a live audience is a must have for blues music. Interaction with the audience could make me get down deeper and often helps enhance my performance. 



While I had some spare time, I picked up my golf game where I left off years ago. I had sealed off my golf clubs in order to concentrate on playing music. Now the weather is nice, jogging along the Pacific Ocean is also refreshing. 



For the longevity of my career as a musician, both mental and physical health are important. I cannot wait till I hit the local venues to play the blues and tour to Japan again when the pandemic is under control finally. 


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