Fork in the road of life  人生の分岐点 

I left my day job in a corporate environment 7 years ago. I have been playing music full time since. Although it was financially a risky move, it turned out to be one of the happiest decisions I made in my life. In a way it was like trading my bread & butter for total freedom. 



A common question I often receive is how I made my career change from a technologist to a musician. The underlying implication of this question is that it was insane. But in my mind, it was the other way around. 



I had been in an R&D field for over 20 years where I had to be innovative to survive. That is to keep finding new paths where there are no known solutions as to what to do. It takes conviction in my own ideas and, to some degree, rebellion against existing authorities. When breakthrough moments come, the sense of reward is enormous. It is like walking a long dark road all by myself and often getting lost till I find a dim light far away. To me music helped to keep my sanity. 



Another big gamble I took was to move to Chicago in 2017. Playing around the blues clubs in Chicago was my dream come true. Despite that I practically had no connections in the area beforehand, I was very fortunte to have over 200 gigs in my 3 year residency there. My performance peaked before I moved back to California last year. 



I felt that I could continue pursuing my music career and satisfy my soul regardless of where I would live. At the moment I am waiting for the pandemic to be under control, when we can all get our collective groove back. I am stooping low right now so that I can jump high. 


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