Following Dreams 夢を追うこと


The other day I read an article about Junko Yazawa, the first Japanese female physical trainer in the Major League Baseball (with Diamondbacks). I had the pleasure of meeting her in Austin TX when I was living there over 10 years ago. 



The inspiring part of her story was that she is following her dream of pursuing her career in the US after she paid her due to go over the obstacles. Doing something unprecedented would be like walking a long dark road at night alone feeling solitude and anxiety, and finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. 



For those who desire to immigrate to this country, so called Green Card (permit for permanent residency) is a must have. The value of it could be heavier than the weight of earth to them because their life will be denied without one. I have been through the process of obtaining one myself a few decades ago. 



In my case, the pursuit of my dream still continues as well. Last Fall, I moved the base of my music activities to Chicago, the home of blues. The first six months were intensively spent for networking, which fortunately resulted in my current position as the lead guitarist with an established blues band. For the following 6 months, I have proven that I can regularly play with them at Chicago’s premier night clubs. 



My next phase is ultimately to be known as a frontman for my own band. Going into the next year, it would be a long and winding road for me to get there. But I have to keep dreaming in order to make my dream come true. 



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