FAQ (よく聞かれる質問)

One of the frequently asked questions to me is why sometimes I also play a left handed guitar upside down while I am right handed (as in the picture below).

ライブでよく聞かれる質問の一つは、僕は右利きなのに時々どうして左利き用のギターを逆に持ち替えて弾くのかだ (写真にあるように)

The purpose of flipping a lefty guitar upside down is by having the strings in the reverse order, namely higher strings are closer to my chest, I can pull down the high strings deeper than pushing them up on the regular setting.



Albert King and Otis Rush, who were left-handed, used right handed guitars upside down without re-stringing the strings, namely with the strings in the reverse order. Their unique sounds are often attributed to this bending style. In those days, probably left-handed guitars were not easily available.



Meanwhile, Jimi Hendrix who was left-handed, flipped right handed guitars but re-strung the strings in the regular order. So the effect is only for his visual to the audience.



There are some guitarists who play in the reversed string style. Most of them are left handed. But, to the best of my knowledge, very few guitar players can do both - strings in both the regular and the reversed orders. That seems to be a somewhat insane act to most audiences.


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