About professional musicianship  プロフェッショナルなミュージシャン・シップについて 


My blues band started performing weekly at a blues club in Milpitas CA last summer when the state reopened for business. It is great to have regular gigs because I do not have to spend my energy on booking gigs. I am very grateful for the support from the venue. 



After several evolutions in my band members since then, I have recently landed on the configuration that I feel most comfortable with in terms of the style of music I want to play. That is the traditional blues and early Rhythm & Blues. 



When I choose musicians to work with, my criteria are simple. If the technical skills are met, the next critical consideration is whether the musician desires to work with me. No ego issues. Not to mention, punctuality and preparation for work are two fundamentals. 



I recently had an opportunity to invite someone as a guest player whom I consider one of the top musicians in the area. In response to my thank you note for the performance after the show, this is the exact quote of this person: 



“Yes, it was great fun. I’m good with whatever you choose to do and thank you for having me.” That night we had the most crowd and the quality of the show was one of the best I have ever had. 



What great musicianship and professionalism! It felt like a cool breeze to me in hot Summer. This person knew well that I was the owner of the show and my reputation, if any, would be on the line if something would have gone wrong. 



This gave me some hope for me to continue playing the blues in public. 


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