Next phase in life 次にやることは?


Since the reopening of business in California last Summer, fortunately I have had performance of my own twice a week on average. I realized that adding more would leave me no time to do anything else. 



From 2017 for nearly 3 years I was living in Chicago, the blues capital of the world. Playing around the blues clubs there was my dream come true. Anything beyond that has been a bonus to me. 

僕は2017年からほぼ3年シカゴに住んだ間に、その街のブルース・クラブで多くのライブをこなした。シカゴはブルース音楽では世界の首都だから、長年の夢が叶ったのだ。 それ以降の活動はすべて、自分にとってはボーナスだ。


The music I dig most is the late greats Otis Rush / Magic Sam styles of electrified guitar blues. For decades, I had been trying to emulate them. Based on that foundation, I have been able to build my own form of playing the blues. 



However, it is becoming more and more clear in my mind that there is not much of a market for such traditional blues nowadays. Even in Chicago, the good old school Chicago Blues sound that I dug so deep is rare, if not extinct. 



Looking ahead, remaining on my to do list are to record a new album and hopefully reactivate my annual Japan tour. 



After that, I will be likely in a transition to the next phase in life whatever that might be. Perhaps with gradually reduced frequency or mostly in closer locations to perform in public.



Because I have achieved most everything I wanted to and could achieve thus far since I came to this country 35 years ago. 



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