California reopening カリフォルニア州の再オープン


As the COVID vaccination rates go up, the infection rates are going down significantly in California. The state is aiming to fully reopen on June 15. I do hope it will happen as planned. 



I have started booking gigs for my band this Summer. To begin with, I secured two regular bookings that could add up to nearly 80 shows a year. In addition, I am hoping to reschedule my annual Japan tour toward the end of the year or early next year. 



This is exactly what I came back to California from Chicago for after my 3 year tenure playing the blues clubs there. Instead of being a sideman for big names in Chicago, I chose to continue leading my own band as before. As the saying goes, “Better be the head of a dog, than the tail of a lion.”  



There are some great musicians in the Bay Area to play the style of blues that I want to play as well. I am looking forward to integrating what I have built over the decades into a quality show. 


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