Back in California (3 of 3)  カリフォルニア州に戻って(その3)


The other day I had an opportunity to take a COVID-19 test as a part of preventive measures for my regular check-ups. Fortunately the results came in negative. 



This pandemic has damaged the livelihood of many musicians, in particular, those who make a living on live performances. On top of 6 months of lost opportunities such as bar gigs, tours, or concerts, there still is no end point of the disaster in sight. 



Since 2013 I had been touring to Japan once or twice a year, but I had to cancel my tour this Spring for the first time in 7 years, due to the travel regulations in Japan for visitors from the U.S. 



Beyond this Spring, I stopped taking flights in fear of virus infection. At this rate, I would not feel comfortable flying for many hours until valid vaccines become easily available in public. 



In the mean time, I am making efforts to maintain my good health. I need to be ready when the next opportunity comes up to play the blues, hopefully in the near future. 



As the saying goes, you have to stoop before you jump high. But I can squat only for so long. 



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