Back in California (2 of 3)  カリフォルニア州に戻って(その2)


A few months ago when I returned to California from Chicago, coincidentally it was shortly after the pandemic started engulfing the country. My time in Chicago was simply up after living there for almost 3 years. 



While I was in Chicago, one of my musician friends succinctly described the blues community in Chicago by saying, “There is only in or out in the blues circuit in Chicago. Once you are in, you are in.” From that point of view, I probably had the tip of my toe in the door. 

シカゴ在住中に、同業の友人が端的にシカゴのブルース界を描写していた。彼が言うには、“シカゴのブルース・サーキットは、イン か アウト のどちらかしかない。いったん内輪に入れば、お前は俺たちと同じ釜のメシを食ってるのだ” と。その意味では、おそらく僕は爪先をその扉の内側にこじ入れていたのかもしれない。 


In the midst of nationwide unrest in racial issues in the US, what does it mean to me to play the blues in this country? In my humble opinion, it is the authenticity of blues music because this country is where the blues was born. Playing around the blues clubs in Chicago in the past few years also validated it. 

人種差別の問題で全米が揺れるこのさなかに、自分にとってアメリカでブルースを演るということはどういう意味があるのか? 僭越ながら、それはブルースを産んだこの国でそれを演奏するというホンマモン感に尽きる。この数年間に本場シカゴのブルースクラブでライブを数多くこなしたのも、それを裏付ける。 


To me, born and raised in Japan, singing the blues for the audience in the US is the most challenging aspect of it. The sense of reward is immense when I feel spiritual connection with the audience who are responding passionately to my performance. 



Fortunately the current Shelter-In-Place gives me an opportunity to further focus on music. This includes writing my own songs as well. If they survive the test of time in front of live audiences, my new recordings will be due next. Hopefully such days will come soon. 


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