Leaving Chicago (2 of 2) シカゴを去る(その2)

(continued )(前回からの続き)   

Chicago is undoubtedly the capital city of the blues boasting of so many great musicians incomparable to anywhere else. However, the unique traditional Chicago Blues sound that got me into the blues in my younger days still exists but not in the main stream even in Chicago any more. 



Time has changed over the decades, and so has the sound of Chicago Blues. It has evolved into more contemporary styles. I knew this was the case before I made my move to Chicago a few years ago, but I needed to see it firsthand. 



Only a small number of players, most in their 70s or above, are still carrying a torch from the heyday of traditional style Chicago Blues from the 1950s-60s. It is gradually fading away year after year. I am very fortunate that I caught the tail end of it. 



With the time and effort I invested, I have done most everything that I wanted to achieve in Chicago. I have come to my senses and reset my goals in life not to be too wishful and over-ambitious. At this stage, it is important to be in control of my own career and play the music that I want to play. 



This month, I am moving back to the San Francisco South Bay Area where I came from. There I will continue pursuing the good old school style of blues to my heart’s content. Writing my own materials is also long overdue. It is a continuation of my soul searching. 



All in all, I have had the time of my life in this big city. Thank you Chicago and so long till I shall return. 



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