My Goals in Chicago

From 2013 to 2017 in San Jose, California, I was working weekly at a blues club named Blue Note Lounge for over 3 years and at a restaurant called Louisiana Bistro regularly for a year. 



J.W. Williams & The Chi-Town Hustlers

I have recently had the pleasure of playing guitar with the great J.W. Williams and The Chi-Town Hustlers. JW’s powerful vocals while playing his groovy bass guitar make my jaw drop in awe. There is so much to learn from…


After Japan Tour 2018 Spring 日本ツアーを終えて

After one week of touring Japan, I came back to Chicago safely. Special thanks go to all the fans who came out to see my band, the club owners & staff, and the support musicians. 




In Chicago (30)

- In Pursuit of My Dream シカゴにて (第30話) - 夢を追い求めて 


I like dreaming. It makes me feel a natural high when I think of something that other people would not dare to do. Some people might dream…

In Chicago (29)

After 7 months of going at it in Chicago since I came here last Fall, I have finally started cracking the tough nut of its blues market in the city. 



I have some gigs with “J.W.…


In Chicago (28)

In Chicago, what I can rely on to survive in the blues scene are my own ears with which I have been digging the blues for 40 years. 



When I back up other musicians, I…


In Chicago (27)

Every time I moved to a new place, I have been fortunate to be able to continue playing music. When I attend the local blues jams or sit in with featured bands for networking, I make an effort to perform…


In Chicago (26)

I used to be hard headed in playing the blues and dig only 3 chord 12 bar blues day in and day out for some years. My first encounter to Chicago Blues shuffle was Otis Rush’s “Three Times A Fool”…


In Chicago (25)

I was bitten by the blues bug in my high school days in Japan. Since then I subliminally aspired to come to the US someday. Musically all I had was my passion to play the traditional blues, in particular, so…

In Chicago (24)

When I came to Chicago last Fall, my intention was to find a working band to join first so that I can gain some exposure in the town where I was new. It was fortunate for me to be able…

About My Blog このブログについて

I write this blog mainly for my band marketing. To widen the range of readers, I recently started updating my blog both in English and Japanese. 



Interestingly, the other day one of my loyal blog…