Back in California (3 of 3)  カリフォルニア州に戻って(その3)


The other day I had an opportunity to take a COVID-19 test as a part of preventive measures for my regular check-ups. Fortunately the results came in negative. 



This pandemic has damaged the livelihood of many musicians, in particular,…


Back in California (2 of 3)  カリフォルニア州に戻って(その2)


A few months ago when I returned to California from Chicago, coincidentally it was shortly after the pandemic started engulfing the country. My time in Chicago was simply up after living there for almost 3 years. 



While I was…


Back in California カリフォルニア州に戻る


Last week I drove 2400 miles from Chicago and moved back to SF Bay Area, California. I made it home safely before the nationwide protests erupted in chaos. 

先週、3年近く住み慣れたシカゴから2400マイル (約3800km) を運転して、カリフォルニア州はサンフランシスコ・ベイエリアに戻った。全米の多くの都市部でプロテストの混乱が起こる前に、無事に家に着いて良かった。 


I drove Hwy 55 to St Louis, Hwy 44…


Leaving Chicago (2 of 2) シカゴを去る(その2)

(continued )(前回からの続き)   

Chicago is undoubtedly the capital city of the blues boasting of so many great musicians incomparable to anywhere else. However, the unique traditional Chicago Blues sound that got me into the blues in my younger days still exists…


Leaving Chicago (1 of 2) シカゴを去る(その1)


My residency in Chicago is coming to an end soon. I had a good run playing about 200 gigs around the city over the last few years. However, with the city lockdown continuing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain…


Postponing my Japan Tour 春の日本ツアーを延期


I have made a difficult decision to postpone my Japan tour in April until further notice. The new virus is spreading rapidly in the US. The regulations to enter Japan have also been tightened.

残念ながら4月の日本ツアーは延期いたします。 新型ウィルスが現在アメリカでも猛威を奮い、日本への入国規制も強化されました。


Last Fall, my tour…


One million mile flyer 100万マイルを飛んで


Earlier this year, I passed one million mile flyer milestone (1.6 million km). It is equivalent to 2 round trips to the moon, or 40 times traveling around the globe. 

今年に入って、100万マイル・フライヤーの通過点を過ぎた (160万km)。何と月までの往復2回分に相当する。あるいは地球を40回も飛行機で一周したことになる。 


This included about 30 times each of flying…


My Upcoming Japan Tour (2) 4月の日本ツアー (その2)


Before I knew it, my annual Japan tour is coming up soon in the second half of April. I am hoping for the best that we can complete the tour without a hitch. 



This tour with 8 shows in…


My next Japan tour in 2020 2020年春の日本ツアー


It has been 6 years since I started touring Japan annually. It is always my pleasure to bring my orthodox style of blues guitar to the blues fans in my home country. 



The music I dig most is so…


What is coming in 2020 and beyond 来年とその後


In the past 2 years since I came to Chicago, I have seen most of the blues scene in town, although I only scratched the surface as a performer. 



Probably I am at the peak of my performance as…