Have I seen enough of Chicago? シカゴをもう堪能したのか?


It has been a year and a half since I came to Chicago in 2017. As a new comer, I have done fairly well playing many gigs including my own in the past year. 



Recently I have moved to…


The good old school shuffle  古き良きシャッフル

The attached video is one of my recent performances that took place in the Chicago suburbs. In retrospect, it was this kind of down home shuffle that got me deep into Chicago Blues. 



It was my first time to…

My soul searching 自分のソウルを求めて


One of the most frequently asked questions is how I got into playing the blues. 



It has been decades since I was bitten by the blues bug in the late 1970s. I grew up in Osaka and Kyoto where…


My journey continues 旅は続く


By the end of this Spring I will have performed 10 times with my own band in the Chicago suburbs, and well over 100 times with the legendary JW Williams Band at Chicago’s premier night clubs. 


Solo performance in Chicago ソロ・パフォーマンス


This week I made a debut as a solo performer in the Chicago area. Over the past 5 years before I came to Chicago, most of my activities had been trio settings with bass and drums. 


Attempt to be a multi-instrumentalist 複数の楽器を演奏する試み


I have recently started playing bass guitar at local blues jams. A few months ago I also started playing drums as a jammer as well 



Knowing how to play multiple instruments helps to know exactly…

Networking (1) ネットワーキング(その1)

When I am not working, I am networking. My networking is not only for seeking potential opportunities for myself, but also for searching players who could support my own gigs when I have one. Having good players for my own…

My 2nd year in Chicago シカゴで2年目

Since last Spring, I have been playing quite a few gigs every month in Chicago with the J.W. Williams Band, and with my own band as well. 



Playing in public constantly is the best way to…

Taildragger  テールドラッガー

I had the pleasure of playing a gig with Taildragger at the Waterhole Lounge last night. I dig his music - the old school Chicago Blues, a rare find nowadays even in Chicago. 



In my humble…

Following Dreams 夢を追うこと


The other day I read an article about Junko Yazawa, the first Japanese female physical trainer in the Major League Baseball (with Diamondbacks). I had the pleasure of meeting her in Austin TX when I was living there over…

Good Old Westside Chicago Blues

In my younger days, my blues guitar influence top 5 were: Otis Rush being the most influence, followed by Magic Sam and Buddy Guy for so called Chicago Westside's “squeeze guitar” style, and Eddie Taylor, Robert Lockwood Jr. for the…