My Upcoming Japan Tour (2) 4月の日本ツアー (その2)


Before I knew it, my annual Japan tour is coming up soon in the second half of April. I am hoping for the best that we can complete the tour without a hitch. 



This tour with 8 shows in…


My next Japan tour in 2020 2020年春の日本ツアー


It has been 6 years since I started touring Japan annually. It is always my pleasure to bring my orthodox style of blues guitar to the blues fans in my home country. 



The music I dig most is so…


What is coming in 2020 and beyond 来年とその後


In the past 2 years since I came to Chicago, I have seen most of the blues scene in town, although I only scratched the surface as a performer. 



Probably I am at the peak of my performance as…


Two years in Chicago (1 of 2) シカゴに住んで2年(その1)

Two years have passed since I came to Chicago in 2017. It has been a great experience being exposed to the current blues scene and playing around the city. 



Along with my own band activities, I am also well…


Flying V left handed 左利き用 フライング V

Since I got hold of a left-handed Flying V guitar last year, I have been digging the late greatest Otis Rush’s music more than ever. Throughout my music journey, he has been my biggest influence and inspiration. 



He was…

Tale of the Riviera リビエラ話


Last Fall I became a proud owner of a 1967 Epiphone Riviera (photo). This selection was crucial for me to complete my guitar sound. 

昨年秋に、もう製造されていないエピフォンの1967年製リビエラ(写真) を手に入れた。以来、それは自分のサウンドを固める貴重なギターとなった。 


Originally I intended to dig the late great Magic Sam tones that were captured…


As the years go by 年月とともに


I was born in April. The other day another year passed by. I have been told that people develop maturity and tolerance as they get older. 



In my case, however, my patience against daily nonsense is gradually fading away.…

My journey 旅は続く


When we perform on stage, it is gratifying to see people enjoy the music we play. In particular, when they are there to celebrate their special occasions such as birthday, anniversary, etc, it is heartwarming to see them having a…