My dream guitar

I have recently become a proud owner of 1960’s Epiphone Riviera (pic), my dream guitar for many years. 



The sound I can associate with this guitar is Magic Sam, who is one of the major influences…

"Stone Crazy" album by Mr. Buddy Guy


In the previous entry of this blog, I mentioned about J.W. Williams, the legendary bluesman in Chicago. Notably he was on the album of Buddy Guy entitled Stone Crazy as a bassist. It was released in the early 1980s…

Mr. J.W. Williams, the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame inductee JW ウィリアムス氏が殿堂入り


Today J.W. Williams, the former bass player for Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, was inducted to the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame in the “Legends” category.  It is the highest honor among the inductees.   

今日、JW ウィリアムス氏 (元バディ・ガイやジュニア・ウェルズのベーシスト) がシカゴブルース殿堂入りをした。最も権威のある“レジェンド”のカテゴリーで。 


Singing the Blues ブルースを歌う

From the point of view of playing music, what was most beneficial for me after living in the US for decades? It is undoubtedly that I have become bold enough to SING the blues. Playing instruments can be learned anywhere. 

The late greatest Mr. Otis Rush

Yesterday, the Chicago Blues community was saddened by the news of Mr. Otis Rush’s passing. 



Among the Westside Chicago Blues guitar sound developed in the 1950s -1960s by those guitar greats, his guitar had the most…

Playing the Blues in Chicago シカゴでブルースを演ること


The purpose of my life in Chicago is one thing only – to play the Blues. I keep networking with the local musicians hoping that they will continue to support me in my own band activities. 


Lefty Flying V 左利き用のフライング V

I have been using my Flying V on stage extensively for the last several years. The natural raw tone of it is indispensable to play gritty guitar blues. 

この数年、フライング V をステージで使うことが多い。その自然なトーンが、粗いギターブルースを演るのにハマる。 


I am now working on strings…


My Goals in Chicago

From 2013 to 2017 in San Jose, California, I was working weekly at a blues club named Blue Note Lounge for over 3 years and at a restaurant called Louisiana Bistro regularly for a year. 




J.W. Williams & The Chi-Town Hustlers

I have recently had the pleasure of playing guitar with the great J.W. Williams and The Chi-Town Hustlers. JW’s powerful vocals while playing his groovy bass guitar make my jaw drop in awe. There is so much to learn from…