Two years in Chicago (2 of 2) シカゴに住んで2年(その2)

(continued) (前回からの続き) 

As for my guitar, the late greats Otis Rush and Magic Sam, and still alive and well Buddy Guy have been the three major influences since my younger days. Seeing Mr. Guy’s play in person in Chicago is a very stimulating experience. 



Their so called “squeeze guitar” styles consist of (1) sharp attack, (2) deep bending & vibratos, and (3) aggressive closure. 

彼らのいわゆる ”スクィーズ・ギター” とよばれるスタイルは、(1) 鋭どい突っ込み, (2) 深いタメ, そして (3) 攻める畳み掛け、から成る。 


Last year, by owning an Epiphone Riviera from the 1960s, I felt I got close to Magic Sam sound as much as I could. 



Meanwhile, for many years, Otis Rush’s guitar style had stood tall like Mt. Everest to me, because he plays his guitar with strings upside down. Recently I finally broke the barrier and have started playing a lefty guitar flipped upside down (reverse to the Otis Rush style). 

一方、長年の間、オーティス・ラッシュのギターは、あたかもエベレスト山のように高く自分の前には立ちはだかった。それは、氏のギターは弦が逆張りだからだ。最近になって、ようやく最初のバリアーを超えて、自分の左利きギター (つまり逆オーティス・ラッシュ) が少し形になって来た。 


All in all, I am in a great environment to soak myself in Blues music while I am in Chicago. Taking this opportunity, I am integrating all I have done in playing the blues in the past few decades. 


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