The good old school shuffle  古き良きシャッフル

The attached video is one of my recent performances that took place in the Chicago suburbs. In retrospect, it was this kind of down home shuffle that got me deep into Chicago Blues. 



It was my first time to play as this trio setting - EG McDaniel on bass and Chris Alexander on drums. Both players are highly regarded as blues veterans in the area. It was truly my privilege to play with them. 

今回このトリオで演奏するのは初めてだった。ベースの EG マクダニエル と ドラムのクリス・アレキサンダーはともに、この界隈では良く知られたブルース・ミュージシャンである。今回この二人と演奏できて光栄だ。 


This song was played with total spontaneity as an encore. But I felt the band sounded as if we had been playing together for a long time. As soon as I started the intro, the rhythm section came in with the exact groove I was looking for. 



Performing as a small unit makes my own play stronger. From this point on, I will mostly play as either a trio or less setting, namely, solo or duo depending on the venues. 


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