My journey 旅は続く


When we perform on stage, it is gratifying to see people enjoy the music we play. In particular, when they are there to celebrate their special occasions such as birthday, anniversary, etc, it is heartwarming to see them having a good time. 



The other night, it was a retirement party in the audience where a group of people gathered to have fun. Over five years ago, I took a retirement myself from the fast paced life in a corporate world. Since then I have been pursuing my career as a full time musician. 



It has been a daily struggle to make both ends meet as a blues musician. Especially in Chicago, there are many great blues musicians seeking opportunities to perform, and yet, there are only so many venues that could provide them with exposure. In the good old days, I assume things were different. 



I am approaching my two year residency in Chicago where I came to see how far I can go as a blues player. In this journey, it is not the destination that is all important because I am enjoying the process of trying to get there day to day.



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