My journey continues 旅は続く


By the end of this Spring I will have performed 10 times with my own band in the Chicago suburbs, and well over 100 times with the legendary JW Williams Band at Chicago’s premier night clubs. 



I consider these numbers respectful after living in Chicago for only a year and a half. Moving to Chicago was definitely the right call. 



Playing constantly in public makes my performance strong. As the Japanese saying goes, it takes one hundred battles to become an expert warrior. 



In retrospect of my life, immigrating to the U.S. from Japan a few decades ago was a bold move, and the most critical I have made. 



Because there was no guarantee to be able to survive in this country at that time. I was merely a dreamer, probably overly self confident and ambitious. 



Now I am pursuing my dream of playing the blues in Chicago, the home of Chicago Blues. 



In my humble opinion, if I had saved a safe return route, I would not have come this far. My journey still continues. 


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