Have I seen enough of Chicago? シカゴをもう堪能したのか?


It has been a year and a half since I came to Chicago in 2017. As a new comer, I have done fairly well playing many gigs including my own in the past year. 



Recently I have moved to the city of Chicago from the suburb to stay closer to the blues scene of this town. Accordingly my living cost went up substantially. As the late Mr. Otis Rush song goes, “Ain’t Enough Coming In To Take Care Of What’s Got To Go Out”. 



I am practically living in my dream day to day by playing the blues in this town, the home of Chicago Blues. But I have already seen both good and bad sides of it. If I continue staying here, it is for the love of the blues. 



In my humble opinion, being impressed by music performance is one thing, but being inspired is another. I would be more than happy if I could ever play the blues that inspires the audience in my life time. That is what I strive for. The show must go on. 


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