Flying V left handed 左利き用 フライング V

Since I got hold of a left-handed Flying V guitar last year, I have been digging the late greatest Otis Rush’s music more than ever. Throughout my music journey, he has been my biggest influence and inspiration. 



He was a left-handed guitarist and played a right-handed guitar flipped upside down without re-stringing the strings, similar to the way Albert King played. 



This is one of the factors that makes their guitar play unique because of the ease of bending high strings deeply by pulling them down. Figuring out the chord positions upside down takes patience for me like solving a puzzle piece by piece. 



I can now visualize in my mind how Otis Rush’s right hand (left hand for me being right-handed) moves over the fret and where it is going. All of his albums are sounding refreshing to me again. 

ようやくオーティス・ラッシュの指と右手 (右利きの自分にとっては左手) の動きが見えるようになってきた。氏のアルバムが今また全て新鮮に聞こえる。 


It took me several decades to come this far since I was awed by his guitar play in my high school days. I needed to fully soak myself in the blues in Chicago to dig Otis Rush’s music deep enough to truly appreciate what he had done. 


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