After my Japan Tour (2 0f 3) 日本ツアーを終えて(その2)

(continued) (前回からの続き) 

Despite these potential pitfalls, my tour was a success. The audience appreciated the traditional style of Chicago Blues that I played. There are quite a few die hard old school blues fans in Japan. Playing for them really keeps me on my toes. 



Probably one of the most common misconceptions that the players in Chicago have is that they assume their popularity in the US, Europe, South America, etc. is also the case in Japan as well. 



But it is not. In particular, the newer generation blues artists are practically unknown in Japan. This time I drew the same number of crowds by myself as I did last year when I had a guest from Chicago touring with me. 



After playing around the city of Chicago for 2 years, I guess my performance got stronger in both my guitar and singing. Nothing was more gratifying than when I received a comment from the satisfied audience that they felt my spirit coming out of my play. 



I will continue delivering to Japan the blues that I have been playing over several decades in the US. Besides, one of my motives to go there is to enjoy the Japanese cuisine while I am there. Home is where my stomach is, after all. 



To be continued (続く)


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