1 year anniversary with JW Williams Band, JW ウィリアムス・バンドと1周年


Last Spring, I was very fortunate to land a guitarist position with the legendary JW Williams & Chi-Town Hustlers. Since then I have had opportunities to play around in Chicago. 

昨年春に、シカゴの第一線で長年活躍する伝説的なブルースマン、JW ウィリアムス氏のバンド、チャイタウン・ハスラーズに幸運にもギタリストとして加入して、もうすぐ1年になる。以来この街で数多くのライブをこなしてきた。 


Mr. Williams is known among the blues fans in Japan as well. He performed at the Japan Blues Festival last Summer. 



JW’s powerful singing skills while playing his bass guitar always leave my jaw dropped in awe. Also his staging to flow songs one after another is quite new to me. It is an entertaining way of playing the blues.  



While the sound of Chicago Blues has changed with time, there are a handful of living legends still retaining the traditional style of the blues from its heyday. 



I am blessed by catching both styles of current blues scenes in Chicago - the old school and the contemporary. The traditional style of Chicago Blues may be fading away slowly even in Chicago, but I believe that blues music is a universal language and will live on in daily life. 


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