Playing the Blues in Chicago シカゴでブルースを演ること


The purpose of my life in Chicago is one thing only – to play the Blues. I keep networking with the local musicians hoping that they will continue to support me in my own band activities. 



Many blues jams happening in town are great to meet the local musicians. In addition, they provide a stage to experiment. I have recently started attending blues jams to play drums and soon I will bring my bass guitar to jam sessions as well. 



Another means for me to connect with the local blues scene was to sit in with the featured bands at primary blues clubs where musicians also hang out. Indeed that was how I landed my current regular gigs. I was very lucky to be at the right place at the right time. 



Nowadays highly skilled blues musicians outnumber the venues in Chicago that book blues bands. Therefore, the competition for survival becomes fierce. 



It takes mental toughness to be a musician in this city. Bar gigs often require living a night life. As someone said, when you have to make a living, it is no fun to play music. I am playing the blues for living, and yet having fun for the love of it. That is a bonus. 


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