Networking (1) ネットワーキング(その1)

When I am not working, I am networking. My networking is not only for seeking potential opportunities for myself, but also for searching players who could support my own gigs when I have one. Having good players for my own gigs is crucial to build a reputation as a band. 



Music business is a “business” to interact with people - audience, fans, musicians, bookers, venue staff, and those in the industry. Without self-promotion, nowadays, there is no way I can survive in this business as an independent musician. 



In my life, I always thought I had never had interpersonal skills to socialize well with people. Being a loner myself, I would rather be left alone by nature. No days go by without regretting what I should have said or done differently to the people I met in the past. 



But no one would feed me opportunities on a silver platter. Now I am forcing myself to go out and meet new people. I am also intensifying my effort to be seen in public. Being a newcomer to this town, I need to be seen by as many people and as often as possible. 



(to be continued 続く)

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