My second Winter in Chicago is approaching シカゴでの2度目の冬が近い

Five years ago I turned myself into a full time musician. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, as my blues spirit needed to be set free. Being in control of my own music activities is the most rewarding experience, while it is also very stressful to take care of all the band business on my own. 



The summer in Chicago was hot and humid as compared to that of the West Coast where I came from. But now that we are in October, the temperatures in the evening and morning are dropping. It feels that the Winter is knocking on the door following the short Fall here. 



Entering my second year living in Chicago, my time in this town has been mostly fun but also takes a lot of endurance out of me. 



Namely, some days are good that I am invigorated and motivated to continue doing what I am doing. Other days are such that I feel like I am spinning my wheels and want to pack up and go home. 



In the long run, happiness is about making more good days than bad ones overall. 


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