My Goals in Chicago

From 2013 to 2017 in San Jose, California, I was working weekly at a blues club named Blue Note Lounge for over 3 years and at a restaurant called Louisiana Bistro regularly for a year. 



In these 4 years before I came to Chicago, I had done more than 200 gigs under my name as mostly trio (guitar, bass, drums) and some duo settings (guitar & harp, guitar & bass, or two guitars). I was the singer in these gigs playing guitar. The reason for having the smallest unit was to minimize the cost of hiring players in my band. 



This experience made my guitar play strong in terms of filling on the back of and in between my singing. A strong sense of timing is required to play and sing at the same time. For that I am grateful for the owners of these two venues in CA to nourish my performance over those years. 



Working in Chicago as a blues musician has been my dream come true. My mind has finally realized what my soul has always known. 



What I am doing here is an attempt to integrate my previous experience all in one - be it my vocals, guitar, blues harp, plus band management, etc. My ultimate goal is to have my blues accepted by this city, the home of electric Chicago Blues. 



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