Lefty Flying V 左利き用のフライング V

I have been using my Flying V on stage extensively for the last several years. The natural raw tone of it is indispensable to play gritty guitar blues. 

この数年、フライング V をステージで使うことが多い。その自然なトーンが、粗いギターブルースを演るのにハマる。 


I am now working on strings strung upside down by flipping a lefty Flying V. This way high strings can be bent more easily and deeply, like Albert King and Otis Rush - the two greats whose sound I try to emulate in this style. 

今やろうとしている事は、左利き用のフライング V をそのままひっくり返して、右利きで弾くこと。つまり、弦が逆張りになるため、高音弦を曲げやすくなる。アルバート・キングやオーティス・ラッシュは、右利き用ギターをそのまま左利き用に使っている。 


It takes perseverance and devotion to learn how to play guitar this way though, because it is totally counterintuitive. 



Mastering an instrument depends on the product of time and intensity I put in. My next to do on the list is to record a Chicago Blues album where all instruments including guitars, blues harp, bass, and drums are played by myself someday. 



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