Japan Tour from Chicago

When I do a short night club tour in Japan annually, I usually work with local support musicians over there from town to town. 



Both their technique and reputation are important, but I also consider their willingness to work with me. 



Because well known players are usually busy in their own schedule, I cannot always book them to help my gigs. In that case, I would choose players who love the blues and are motivated to play the blues. 



As I fly all the way from the US to Japan, I always hope to deliver my best performance there. Therefore, the brief rehearsals I have with the local musicians on the day of the show are most critical to tighten our performance. 



However, if we overkill the rehearsal, we lose the fun of playing on stage. We typically end up only confirming the structures of the songs and leave the rest to our spontaneity at the show. (continue) 



In the past few years, I have had the pleasure of playing with an accomplished jazz guitarist Hiroshi Hata in Osaka who also loves blues and soul music. 



In my very humble opinion, the jazz players who dig the traditional blues and soul music tend to touch my heart strings more than those who do not.  



In Japan, there may still be many long time die hard Chicago Blues fans who meticulously have high expectation as to what the traditional blues sound should be. This keeps me on my toes in a different sense from when I perform in the US.  

それと日本では、"ブルース音楽とはかくありき" という往年のファンが今も多いかもしれない。その意味で、日本ツアーは普段こちらでやっているライブとは違うプレッシャーがあるので、その分刺激がある。 


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