In Chicago (7)


The purpose of my visit to Chicago this time was to find my future directions. I think I have found one. 


I will be extending my stay in Chicago as needed and seek a band to join or form in an attempt to cut my teeth in the blues circuit. It would be “break the ice or be broke”. 


Leading an independent band is like owning a small business. In addition to the required musical leadership, all the daily chores are flooded on a band leader. 


On the top, self-promotion in social network is indispensable nowadays and it is time consuming. Sometimes the effort to create/perform music is overwhelmed by the needs of business itself. 


As I have been on both sides before - a sideman and a front man, I now have a greater respect for the musicians who are successfully surviving in the business. 


Last week, I had an opportunity to visit Memphis and Mississippi area to dig the roots of blues and soul music. I was inspired and enlightened by standing on the ground where the music came from. 


This visit to the South also contributed to my decision to move my base to Chicago. 

I have crossed my crossroads.

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